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Our business covers 3D acoustic warning, voice warning and other product solutions and services. Our company has rich research experience and proven quality control system. This technology has been widely used in civil aviation, military aviation and other fields.

By voice broadcasting, certain emergency situations of the aircraft are delivered to pilots via speaker or headphones. This helps to relieve pilot’s visual fatigue and can also avoid missing of warning. The system can equip male, female voices, tone alarm, as well as mono-voice warning modes

  • Can realize Chinese, English, and Chinese/English mixed broadcasting
  • Can support volume, tone, and speed adjustments
  • Can support output sample rate of 88K/12K/16K(Hz)

This technology is realized by using the binaural headphones from pilots to create acoustic signals which having a sense of space orientation, to help pilots distinguish the location of the virtual sound source. It can provide the pilots with accurate and real-time acoustic warning of the location when threats exist, to shorten the response time and to increase the awareness in the battlefield. It can separate the multi-channel sound sources on the aircraft to improve significantly the voice communication quality and to decrease effectively the degree of fatigue pilots feel.

  • HRTF database
    Acquisition and processing technology
  • 3D speech synthesis
    Algorithm technology
  • 3D voice location
    Effects verification technology
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