An inspiring dream of "Shanghai Aviation Electric": Shanghai-based, China-Oriented, World-outlook. Through the unremitting struggle,grafting of China's transformation and development momentum, we value creation, share the results, par with international counterparts.

Based on the aviation science and technology front, major needs for national defense and strategic emerging market, our company will accelerate the development of scientific research strength; the completion of the group innovation talent heights; the completion of the high-end technology think tank and the construction of domestic first-class scientific research institutions. To complete the transformation into a modern high-tech enterprises with the right people in the right place at right time during the "13th Five-Year" period by grasping the "right time " of China's economic transformation; "right place " of Shanghai high-tech city and the "right people" outstanding talents of science and technology.

  • Three Directions
  • Four Accelerations
  • Direction of the Country’s Economy Development
  • Construction of High-tech City
  • Excellent Technical Talents Team

Based on in-depth understanding of customer needs, we integrate single products into systematic solution in order to occupy the high ground and to consolidate the status of professional advantage in future aviation industry chain.

Undertaking strategic objectives of the group " Two Integrations, Three Innovations, Five Upgrades, One Trillion”, our scale will cross over 30 billion to 2020. We will realize that the scale of "aviation and non- aviation、military and civilian, domestic and international" is roughly equivalent.

We will carry out the three-dimensional operation system by building a platform for online and offline, optimizing channel network, focusing on domestic and foreign markets in the new strategic period.
We will accelerate the construction industry leading innovation driven high-tech enterprises via recruiting talents of science and technology; strengthen construction of scientific research environment; innovate technology management system; establish sharing mechanism of technological achievements.
During "13th Five-Year" period, we will implement light assets development mode; strengthen the key manufacturing capacity by adopting key equipment, key talent and key maunfacturing processes, ect.
We will establish marketing incentive mechanism to stimulate team creativity; optimize the company's operation and management system; applied scientific management tools.

  • Process-oriented Organizational System Foundation

    Our company will resolutely implement the “13th five-year plan” road map, to promote the organizational change according to company’s strategy, market oriented customers and business process;to promote the rapid operation and value added of the whole value chain.

  • Well-structured Human Resources Foundation

    As a striver, human resource is the first resource in the enterprise; to highlight the efficiency and fairness; to innovate human resource management system by building up staff talent channel and creating a new organizational form of the lean team.

  • Advanced and Effective Information System Foundation

    By establishing four platforms of delivery collaboration,R & D management, manufacturing execution, knowledge management, we will eventually build digital and intelligent “information ecological system "which is in line with the strategic objectives of the company, covering the whole company’s industry chain.

  • Reasonably Configured Condition Guarantee Foundation

    Based on the group strategy and business development needs, in accordance with the idea of "foundation shared, profession separated; foundation tamped, profession topped", we shall focus on the development of R&D, manufacture, information construction in the defense field and civil aircraft field, etc.

  • Customer-focused Enterprise Culture Foundation

    Strengthen market-oriented & customer-oriented Enterprise culture, customer demands will be placed in the first place, technology is important, but not the only one. Our philosophy is adhering to creating value for the customers through excellent technology, products and service.

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