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The unique features of external lighting are high requirements to light intensity, stronger directional lighting, as well as high tolerance to harsh environment (especially the protection in view of thunder and lightning, sand and dust, waterproof and sealing, fungus, salt fog, vibration, etc.) External lighting impacts directly the completion efficiency of various flight missions. Different kinds of lighting equipment included in external lighting system are more tailored and better performed, which provides a broader scope for the application of 3rd generation of lighting.

Navigation Light indicates information such as aircraft stance, position and movement directions when aircraft flies during daytime and at night.

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Anti-collision light indicates light signals of the flight position when aircraft flies during daytime and at night. It helps to avoid collision with other aircrafts and in turn to increase the flight safety.

When flying in formation at night, formation light provides to neighboring pilots clear visual orientation information of the stance and position of the leading aircraft, in order to avoid collision into each other.

Landing taxi lighting system belongs to the aircraft electrical system. Its main function is to provide lighting during the take-off and landing, also to provide lighting when taxiing.

Hard light guiding system provides light signal to the pilot at receiving side, which helps him to properly position before docking with fuel tank. It also helps the pilot at receiving side to appropriately adjust position during the refilling.

Loading area lighting system provides white lighting to the loading area at rear end of the aircraft. The aircraft supplies 28VDC, and the control box provides constant current power supplier for the lighting to cast white lights to the loading area at rear end of the aircraft.

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