Our company carried out series of forums on strategy themes
Release time:2016.01.22

Jan.20th, we organized forums on strategy themes, Pu Yi, our CEO and general manager made theme speech to 164 people including all mid level management, team leader and key employees. This speech focused on interpreting the opportunity and challenges our company is facing during the ‘13th five year’, the new vision, strategic target, reasoning and implementation requirement and major activities. In view of further increase on economic scale, an overview was given on existing 4 major business, especially the strategic increase business. At the same time, by sharing the successful story from Huawei, Mr.Pu pointed out that our company is in a critical period of restructuring and development strategy, in order to make planning into reality, we need to rely on everyone’s joint efforts. We have to monitor the strategic implementation with the spirits of "Grab the iron and the grip marks show, stepping on stone, the footprint stays," and this should be in every of our employee.

The ‘13th five year’ is a very important stage for our company. We are standing on the new history starting point and we are facing a great journey ahead. In order to tackle the opportunity and challenges from the ‘13th five year’, our company had setup scores of research groups, and in over 1.5 year’s time, re-pictured the company vision of to become the most respected innovative high-tech enterprise in the fields of sound, lighting and electronics, and based on the principle of ‘complete target, clear path and effective support’, we came up with new strategic blueprint which is to consolidate 5 basics, to make 4 capability, to complete 3 leaps and to achieve 2 transformations, as well as strategic planning report of ‘1+18’. This forum is the first step from multiple strategic speeches, and other series activities will follow. To unify the thinking and to build consensus, they will provide adequate preparation for the implementation of the ‘13th five year’ strategic planning.

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