Warning Solutions

6 basic warning modes

Comply with relevant specifications issued by FAA and RTCA

  • Warning on excessive descent rate
  • Warning on excessive ground proximity rate
  • Warning on loss of altitude after taking off
  • Warning on dangerous ground clearance
  • Warning on excessive glide slope deviation
  • Altitude Call

Two enhanced warning modes

The warning solution provides pilots with two levels of warning (caution and warning) according to different reserved time, and based on terrain display function and onward forecasting warning technology on the base of highly precious terrain database.

All-round, multi-angle terrain display

To provide terrain display according to 2-dimensional warning colors, 2-dimensional chart, 3-dimensional vision, 2-dimensional section and other display pictures, to enhance pilot’s awareness to the surrounding terrain.

  • 2-dimensional warning colors
  • 3-dimensional vision
  • 2-dimensional chart

Terrain Properties Display

Optional Display Terminals: EFIS, Dedicated Display, Optional Resolution: 600×600、1024×768、1280×800

optional signal types: RGB and LVDS

  • EFIS
  • Special display

Flexible system implementation

According to the carrier environment, to use warning computer as center, and to extend external warning indicator light, warning display, signal converter box, etc to realize GPWS

  • GPWS computer
  • GPWS converter
  • GPWS display
  • GPWS lamp box


  • transportation aircraft
  • bomber
  • helicopter
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