• Corporate Guideline

    To serve the country with aviation, to empower the army and to enrich the civilians

  • Corporate Concept

    Dedication, Integrity, Innovation and Fulfillment

  • Corporate Strategy

    Two Integrations, Three Innovations, Five Upgrades, One Trillion

Our vision: to become the world's most advanced electronic information technology and intelligent systems supplier.
Our mission; to provide advanced aviation and electronic technologies, products and solutions for all types of aircraft, engines and defense systems.
Our strategic thinking: Innovation, teamwork, integration and Overcome

  • To create a safer, more comfortable, and more energy saving
    environment via continuous innovation on aviation technology.

    Continuous Innovation

    It contains technology innovation as well as management innovation. To continue innovation and in pursuit of excellence.

    Aviation Technology

    Based on aviation high technology industry to realize technology leadership. To rely on aviation technology, and to integrate the military forces with the people. To combine military with civilian and to achieve a balanced and harmonic development.

    safer, more comfortable, and more energy saving

    Our products reflect the concept of people-oriented and environment friendly

    To create a better environment

    All our company products and services are to create a better environment

  • To become the most respected innovative high-tech enterprise
    in the fields of sound, lighting and electronics

    Most respected

    With leading technology and to become the industry leader. With reliable product quality to let customer use at ease. With clear patents and complies to laws, regulations and industrial practices. Management with compliance. Fulfill social responsibilities. Through continuous efforts to win the respects from customer, supplier, rivals and the society.

    Sound, Light and Electronics

    Sound refers to voice recognition and synthesis series products. Light refers to lighting and optical communication series products based on optics. Electronics refers to distribution and electro-mechanical series products. Our company insists on the technology research and accumulation based on sound, Light and Electronics, to face customers’ requirements, to meet customers’ need with affordable technology and product solutions, to provide system-level solutions and products and to create values for customers.

    Innovative high-tech Enterprise

    We should continue our increase on technological innovation, and emphasize on management innovation. We should explore business model innovation, and become innovative high-tech enterprise.

  • Customer first, constant improvement, teamwork as
    well as taking due responsibility

    Customer first

    Our core business should be carried out around customers. Customers’ need is the target for every management and employee. Each member’s work is closely related to our customer, and customer satisfaction is the core drive for company development.

    Keep improving

    To complete one’s own responsibility and continuous pursuit for excellence. To achieve scientific development, and to create values for the customer, shareholders, company, employees and the community, which in turn enhance the value of our company


    Unify the professional advantage of the team members and work efficiently together to meet customers’ needs. Work together with internal customers to create win-win and to enhance corporate efficiency.

    Taking due responsibility

    To bear in mind the corporate concept and take initiative to undertake tasks. Full followup on the tasks and to complete with full dedication.

  • Passionate Endeavor, Hard Working, Courageous
    Dedication, Pragmatic innovation

    Passionate Endeavor

    Highly devoted into aviation industry, and making endeavor in your position and be determined to achieve.

    Hard Working

    To establish a sense of crisis, and to work hard in various conditions and to overcome difficulties.

    Courageous Dedication

    To make contribution without speaking loud, to reflect values from contribution, and to win respect and to increase the image from dedication

    Pragmatic innovation

    Be realistic and down to earth. To carry out every task pragmatically. To challenge oneself based on the tradition of pragmatics and learning from good examples, in order to have continuous improvement, to seek for break though and to achieve excellence.

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