SSC Cleaning Machine
  • Easy. Compact. Beautiful.
    Excellent technology. Exquisite. Strong power.
    • Great flow design and flushing effect.
    • Double insulation protection.
    • Lightweight and easy to carry.
    • Power off, water stops.
    • Outstanding energy saving.
    • Automatic water absorption function
  • 1500W super power, new era of high efficiency washing.
  • Induction motor reaches the high speed by cutting the magnetic field without friction, continuous use for 300 hours, environmental friendly and low noise.
  • Double filtration and long service life.
    Multi stage protection to prevent the size of impurities into the machine
  • Simple operation. Simple fun.
    • Self priming
      Tap. Self suction. Two kinds of methods. Fun car washing machine.
    • Built in liquid soap kettle
      Built in liquid soap kettle. Convenient for use. Save you more。
    • IPX5 waterproof
      Double waterproof technology. The design of anti splash machine shell. The precision equipped motor. Without the fear of exposed to wind and rain.
    • Large roller
      Easy to move. Beautiful fashion. Ergonomic.
  • OHV (base camshaft) technology
    Four horsepower, 2.6 stroke air-cooled gasoline engine, to ensure that the engine has a more powerful driving force Four horsepower, 2.6 stroke air-cooled gasoline engine, to ensure that the engine has a more powerful driving force.
  • High efficient maintenance free/Highly efficient maintenance-free oblique plate piston pump, the use of aerospace aluminum material, after the military class of die casting and processing technology, durable, can ensure continuous work for 100 hours without damage.
  • Not just a car washer, a good helper to clean the family!
    • Sewer cleaning
    • Flowers and shrubs
    • Floor cleaning
    • Wall cleaning
  • Multifunctional gun head, free adjustment to respond meet different needs of the car wash.
    • Right side: Large area injection
      Low pressure, suitable for large area irrigation.
    • Left side: Direct injection
      Stress concentration, suitable for small area irrigation and flushing the dirt.
  • One press to operate, when the gun stop the water, the cleaning machine will automatic pressure relief stop to prevent the continued high pressure motor damage.
  • Meet different needs. Negative pressure self suction technology. Easy operation.

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