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Powered by the advanced simulation design and analysis as accumulated from aviation industries, as well as precision manufacturing techniques and processing advantage, our company outperformed in international bidding process, and became the only domestic recognized supplier for camshaft and end assembly in Volkswagen’s new type engine, which established our leading position in this field.


Became tier 1 supplier for Shanghai GM, and the recognized supplier for SGM throttle products.


Obtained ISO/TS16949 system certification


Received the letter of intent from Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation on DCT250 valve program, and started batch supply in 2014


Became tier 1 supplier for Volkswagen and achieved volume production for spacer sleeve in EA111 engine.


Appointed as supplier for Volkswagen EA211 project on cam, shaft and end components. Batch supply starts in 2015.


Passed Volkswagen Rank A Supplier Appraisal

Engine camshaft assembly is a new technology product adopted by Volkswagen on their new engine. By discrete assembly of cam and the shaft, it changed the overall approach for traditional casting process, with cost reduction and tremendous increase on reliability.

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