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Be able to provide overall solutions for aircraft warning system which includes central warning, ground proximity warning and audio warning.

Central warning system is the equipment which collects, processes and outputs the flight status of all systems, and provide warning to pilots by visual, audio and other means, to allow pilots make corresponding operations. And it can also suspend the warning in order not to disturb the pilots. Currently, this system has been used in transportation aircraft, early warning aircraft, fighter, helicopter, bomber etc.

Ground proximity warning system is the equipment to prevent controlled flight into terrain (accidents). It analyzes the warning algorithm and judges by receiving flight data. Our company is the first one in China who develops, produces enhanced GPWS products and successfully equips it onto aircraft. After ten years of arduous research and technology innovation, we have mastered the core technology and key technology in GPWS, with mature and advanced products. Its reliability has reached the international leading level, and we have equipped over 100 different types of aircrafts with our GWPS. We managed to break the monopoly of foreign technology and rewrote the history that Chinese didn’t have any development capability on developing GPWS, and we also made outstanding contribution to aircraft safety and anti-collision field.

Voice Warning business includes solutions and service of such products as 3D sound alarm and voice alarm. Our company has rich research experience and proven quality control system. This technology has been widely used in civil aviation, military aviation and other fields.

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